Mitch Daniels: Here's How to Trounce Obama

On Saturday May 5, President Obama kicked off his presidential campaign, and it became obvious that Republicans are facing an uphill battle.  They will not get a fair shake from the mass media and will have to overcome the publicity given to an incumbent president, such as the recent Obama-Afghan photo op.  American Thinker interviewed Republican Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (NC) and Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) to get their thoughts on what the Republican message should be and how to get it across to the American public.  Additionally, former CIA Director Michael Hayden weighed in on foreign policy issues. Governor Daniels, a prominent Republican who is rumored to be a choice for vice president, told American Thinker at the Milken Institute Global Conference that "[m]edia bias is not the only thing Republicans have to live with.  We need to tackle the stereotype that we are not empathetic.  It is important to reach as many people as you can and make an effort...(Read Full Article)