Learn from Elizabeth Warren

I think the attacks against Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an American Indian to advance her career, are wrong.  To the contrary, she simply did what we all should be doing!  She sabotaged America's racist affirmative action regime, or -- the term I prefer to call it -- America's affirmative apartheid. She should be our role model.  We should all do the same thing she did and proclaim ourselves members of whichever fashionable list of preferred "minorities" the racists administering affirmative apartheid happen to be promoting this week. There are lots of ways we can do so.  First, anthropologists believe that the human species originated on the African continent.  So, by my reckoning, that makes us all African-Americans.  Why can't we proclaim ourselves such on the "race identification forms" used for hiring and college admissions?  In addition, I have always had a special sense of repulsion at the Ivy League institutions implementing...(Read Full Article)