Insults Help Democrats Defeat Rich, Religious Nut, Racist, Redneck Republicans

Republicans may bridle at these insults, or we may laugh.  But we are chumps when we don't take insults seriously.  Slander provides the Democrats with a huge electoral advantage.  Many centrist voters, though not radical or loony themselves, have come to believe these libels against Republicans as commonsense, evident truths.  Since they can't possibly see themselves as one of those Awful Republicans, they won't abandon Obama no matter how miserable they are with Obama's performance.  The economy, a nuclear Iran, rising gas prices -- it doesn't matter.  It would be tantamount to selling their vote to a party of greedy, women-hating, violent, racist people.  Who are also stupid.   When I discuss politics with moderate Democrats who are unhappy, even very unhappy, with Obama, I also hear how they will never vote Republican.  So I ask what is most important to them about voting Democrat.  The answer is often moral: their desire to take...(Read Full Article)