In Defense of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

Jose Rodriguez, Jr., the former director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, has written a book with Bill Harlow, titled Hard Measures.  Most of the book discusses how the aggressive actions of the CIA after 9/11 saved numerous American lives.  The book begins by discussing Rodriguez's early career but quickly jumps into Rodriguez's arguments supporting the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques and why they worked.  He also discusses why the critics of the program were wrong and their subsequent false claims.  American Thinker interviewed the author to talk about his book and issues surrounding the War on Terror. In the book, Mr. Rodriguez wonders if the C in "CIA" should stand for "controversial."  This is an understatement, considering what he has had to endure as the director of the Counterterrorism Center and the deputy director for Operations.  He played a vital role in sending CIA operatives to capture terrorists and gain valuable...(Read Full Article)