If Same Sex Marriage Is a Civil Rights Issue...

The passing of Amendment One in North Carolina, making the Tar Heel State the 32nd state in the country to enshrine in their constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman, created the predictable flurry of outrage among gay rights supporters.  Shrill complaints of bigotry and homophobia with an added dose of backwardness filled up airwaves, internet forums, and Facebook statuses all intended to smear the 88% of states and over 90% of Americans who now live where same sex-marriage is illegal as the worst kind of bigot and homophobe.  Many in the gay rights community cloak their cause in grandiose terms.  It is not simply another front in the culture war, a values vote issue.  To supporters, gay rights have taken on more importance.  If a state will not allow two members of the same sex to marry, then it is committing a violation of those people's inalienable human rights.  These supporters' actions indicate something entirely different. ...(Read Full Article)