High Court Humpty Dumptys

At least as far back as Woodrow Wilson, progressives and liberals have seen our anti-tyranny Constitution as an obstacle to imposing their self-presumed superior morality and wisdom on everyone else.  So it was unremarkable when, in February, The New York Times disgorged an article trashing the Constitution as an unworthy model for the rest of the world.  Remarkable is what was omitted from the responses, which focused on Justice Ginsburg's urging drafters of new foreign constitutions not to consult the one she took an oath to defend.  She and others complained that it did not provide sufficient "rights." Unanswered by various critics was law professor Sanford Levinson's claim that "the U.S.  Constitution is the most difficult to amend of any ... in the world[.]"  Actually, because justices must be lawyers, the Constitution is easy to amend.  Lawyers in Action: What Justices Do All Too Often In Holocaust (394), facing defeat, SS Nazi Erik Dorf avers: "We...(Read Full Article)