Ethnic Aristocracy in America: Do You Have the Right Bloodlines?

Bloodlines have become a means to access class privilege.  They are in danger of becoming as important in America as they were in South Africa when the Population Registration Act was put into place.   Imagine your child undergoing the following test: a pencil is inserted into her hair.  If it stays there without falling out, your child is declared "coloured," and consigned to a lower caste.  While she will not be as discriminated against as the black caste, she will not be afforded the status of the ruling white caste. Until 1994, which marked the official end of apartheid in South Africa, the "pencil test" was a standard means of determining a person's caste according to racial category.  South Africa's Population Registration Act of 1950 required such classifications.  Privileges were handed out to three basic groups: Black, White and Coloured.  Indians comprised a separate classification. Where a kid went to school, where a guy got a job,...(Read Full Article)