Elizabeth Warren's Whiter Shade of Pale

The seediness of Elizabeth Warren's claim to be Native American naturally follows from the lockstep leftist demand for "social justice."  The term, in fact, means the opposite of what it purports to: social justice means simply injustice, just like politically correct science is really anti-science.  It has been used by some of the creepiest characters in American politics, like Father Coughlin. The reason this nonsense persists is because it is, like nearly everything that the left touches, a racket.  It provides payoffs for those types who play along: the brutal cadre; the union thug; the political boss; or, in Warren's case, the academic dilettante.  Social justice requires treating people the same way in which bureaucrats treat regulations.  Most people resent this dehumanization.  Even Americans who have been genuine victims of bigotry prefer to retain their individuality and take pride in true accomplishments made on merit alone.  No Jews, no...(Read Full Article)