Does the Gay Agenda Supersede the Human Agenda?

I believe that a president's singular agendum should be the betterment of the entire nation, not just various segments.  Obama's agenda on gay issues is not evolving; it's evolved.  Other than pop culture curiosity, I don't think most conservatives care about Obama's sexual past, present, or future.  But we do care when the gay agenda supersedes the human agenda. I discuss my book The BIG Black Lie my discovery of "gay," which was fairly benign.  I was around 12 years old, and my grandfather had stopped to gas up before we left Dallas.  As my grandfather pumped gas, I saw what I thought to be, at the time, "the prettiest man I had ever seen."  He was very well-dressed, but noticeably different from what I had been raised to think of as a man.  He was perfectly dressed in a tan jumpsuit, and he had a beret to match.  I remember he carried a matching clutch that looped around his neck and was tucked just below his armpit. As a kid from the...(Read Full Article)