Clueless: Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Warren

This week the White House Correspondents Association Dinner and the practice of Affirmative Action both took what  should be major body blows  at the hands of Kim Kardashian (famous for  a sex tape and very short marriage) and Elizabeth Warren (an academic now famous for gaming academic affirmative action at Harvard Law School ), who exposed the rot undermining both. Kim Kardashian Once upon a time the White House Correspondents Association Dinner was a small time  Washington annual affair , begun in 1920,where correspondents who covered the White House brought people they admired -- elected officials and businessmen for the most part -- for a low key dinner with good humored joking between the President and those who covered his doings.  Proceeds of the dinner were to honor journalists and provide scholarships. In 1987 when the late Michael Kelly brought the  beautiful Fawn Hall, Oliver North's secretary, to sit with him, the tide changed. After...(Read Full Article)