Academic Tenure, or Trickle-Down Entitlement Theory

Those who wonder how the modern university could have become so fundamentally disdainful of political liberty should consider that the entitlement mentality that is destroying Western civilization began in academia.  Academic tenure is the original entitlement program. Conservatives rightly fear that civilization could reach a tipping point at which a majority of citizens are subsisting on government redistribution programs, and hence have a vested interest in blinding themselves to the fact that their "entitlement" simultaneously imposes an unjust and coercive "obligation" upon others to provide for them.  The university, as usual, was the vanguard of this intellectual development, not merely in the sense of helping to promote it through bad theory, but in the more direct sense of creating its own entitlement to foreshadow all the others.  All entitlement programs are sold as responding to a genuine need.  In a community that has lost its rational moorings, one...(Read Full Article)