What if They Threw a War on Women and Nobody Came?

I'm a conscientious objector in the war on women. With me it's all about the women; my whole life it has been.  Purportedly, "a man thinks about sex every 20 seconds."  That sounds like the ravings of a gender studies professor who used it to demean all the chauvinistic animals that oppressed Women. More accurately a man thinks about women every 20 seconds.  It's more than sex.  It began when we began.  It was her face that smiled down on us as we lay helpless in the crib, her smile, her warm embraces.  She was the first tickle that made us laugh uncontrollably.  We learned the world through women's eyes and it was beautiful and filled with the first love we would ever know. As we grew there were sisters, and friends of sisters and girls who lived on our block.  Having not yet been stricken with hormones they were just like the other boys, but not really.  They understood inherently things that would never be admitted to a guy friend or to...(Read Full Article)