War on Women? Count Me for the Defense!

In all my years growing up in the good old Soviet Union, I never met a non-working woman.  Let me put it another way: because all citizens were required to work and the government had officially abolished the differences between sexes in the workplace, one hundred percent of women were doing their part in creating paradise.  The result was general misery, as usually is the case in going against human nature. One consequence of this pretend equality was the diminishing number of offspring.  My generation was the generation of only children.  While our parents had plenty of siblings, my husband and I don't have any.  I don't even remember anyone in my school having a brother or sister.  It was not an official policy like the present one-child policy in China, but just a reaction by women to a terribly oppressive life.  When my children had to create a family tree in elementary school, they were shocked to discover that they had no uncles, aunts, or...(Read Full Article)