What? The Magic Words Aren't Working!

The awful truth is beginning to dawn on the left.  The magic words on which they have relied to make government grow may not work anymore.  The consequences could be catastrophic for progressives.  So it isn't hard to understand why the progressives would visualize a Supreme Court ruling against ObamaCare as "unprecedented." The case of Wickard v. Filburn is one of the most ludicrous decisions in the history of the Supreme Court.  Secretary of Agriculture Wickard attempted to enforce the Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA) of 1938, which set quotas on the amount of wheat put into interstate commerce and established penalties for overproduction.  The secretary levied a fine on Roscoe C. Filburn for exceeding his quota despite the fact that none of Mr. Filburn's wheat was sold outside his state, and the portion sold (he used some himself) did not exceed the quota.  The Supreme Court ruled in wartime 1942 (overturning a lower court ruling) that Congress could...(Read Full Article)