U.N. Report: Happiness Is...World Socialism

According to the United Nations' new "World Happiness Report," European socialism is the road to well-being, and it ought to be imposed on all mankind.  The 150-page report uses that special brand of question-begging statistical analysis that leftists substitute for science to support its conclusion that -- surprise! -- the major obstacles to increased "Gross National Happiness" are social and environmental injustice.  And of course, where there are obstacles, there must be a government steamroller to remove them. The lead editor of the report is Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University's "Earth Institute."  Professor Sachs is a leading "sustainable development" advocate, a leading "anti-poverty" advocate, and a member of the Spanish Socialist Party's think-tank, Fundaci├│n IDEAS.  We might conclude our assessment of the report's value, integrity, and scientific objectivity right there. However, such dismissive revulsion on the part of conservatives is...(Read Full Article)