Two Cheers for the Hoodie

I remember reading some years ago that despite the claims of Western feminists, many women in the Muslim world prefer to wear the burka for several reasons, especially at work and in public.  One of the arguments is straightforward and simple: when a woman's body is completely covered, men are forced to use their reason to evaluate only a woman's objective qualities, performance, and talents. In other words, solving the problem of male self-control, which became the central focus of thousands of years of moral philosophy, is as simple as a short trip to the closet.  In addition, as F.A. Hayek noted, "it is not irrelevant to recall that to the ancients blindness was an attribute of their deity of justice."  And although Hayek was trying to defend reason, justice, and the free market in the face of socialism's tendency to go outside the law and promote visible favorites, the burka is the kind of drapery that can represent a somber but nevetheless useful concession to our...(Read Full Article)