Today's liberals are much like England's 18th century leaders

There was a time when the word "liberal" meant to think freely and openly.  Our Founding Fathers were liberals because they believed that free men can govern themselves.  In the 18th century, the British Empire ruled the waves; the U.S. was a British colony; and England's ruling elite governed for us because they thought that we were incapable of governing ourselves.  Fast forward almost 250 years: the United States is the world's leading economic and military superpower and England is an Island.  Today's liberals are much like England's 18th century leaders.  They may be well-educated.  Some of them attended Harvard or Yale or Virginia, for example, and they think that their college degrees set them apart.  They enjoy gathering together in their toney cafés and talking about how smart they are and how stupid the rest of us are, but they are infatuated by their own delusions of grandeur. Sandra Fluke is an example of today's liberal.  She must...(Read Full Article)