The Tribal Hypocrisy of the Left

The left seems to be in love with preserving every culture in the world but our own.  Prominent elements of the cultural left love to preoccupy themselves with remote peoples in distant places like Papua New Guinea and the deepest recesses of the Amazon rainforest. James Cameron's Avatar was wildly popular, and it will spawn sequels.  Richard Gere and Colin Firth make passionate pleas for the West to leave the tribes alone.  They -- the actors, as well as various non-profit organizations -- argue that these people deserve to have their traditions remain intact.  And rightfully so: all people, regardless of location, deserve to maintain their ways of life, their institutions, and their traditions.  For removing such institutions will crush their essence and identity, not to mention their humanity. It would be nice if leftists argued that these remote peoples should be exposed to the modern world, though.  That way, said peoples could have access to...(Read Full Article)