Savage New Territory: Trickle Down Tyranny

In the "Acknowledgments" at the end of his new book Trickle Down Tyranny, Michael Savage states that this book is his "most seminal work."  Since "seminal" means, "strongly influencing later events," Savage is offering a prediction about -- not a description of -- the book.  He probably will be proven right.  Trickle Down Tyranny breaks new political ground for the reader and for the writer. "Seminal" is also a term used in botany -- a field that Doctor Savage knows inside and out.  In its botanical usage "seminal" means something that is related or derived from a plant's seed.  In Trickle Down Tyranny, Savage is breaking fresh ground and planting original seeds.  This is new Savage Territory. In old Savage territory (e.g., The Savage Nation and The Enemy Within) the writing was populist.  The problems addressed were abstract.  The villains were numerous -- and sometimes obscure ("Republicans" and "Democrats").  Not any more. In his...(Read Full Article)