Raining Cats, Dogs, and Hypocrisy

So many dog stories making headlines these days -- might cats be feeling a bit jealous?  A privileged feline named Boots, who "walked from a bizarre death sentence," was the star in this recent post by Professor Jonathan Turley: Boots was the pet of Georgia Lee Dvorak of Berwyn, Illinois. When Dvorak died, she specified in her will that 11-year-old Boots should be put to death. However, the executor of her $1.3 million will -- the Fifth Third Bank -- could not get themselves to euthanize the friendly cat. So they went to court and got the language set aside in a rare judicial intervention. "We didn't want to euthanize this healthy, living animal," said bank senior vice president Jeffrey Schmidt.  The judge agreed, and arrangements were made for the cat to be adopted into a "loving home." "It raises an interesting question of the limits of a person in specifying conditions in a will," according to Turley.  "While animals are property, they have more protections than a...(Read Full Article)