Race, Republicans, and Democrats

It seems increasingly clear that Obama and the Democrats intend to use race as a principal theme for attacking Republicans in the 2012 election.  Last year Obama suggested that the Tea Party was racist.  Eric Holder implies that critics of his handling of "Fast and Furious" are racist.  Lloyd Marcus, in his recent AT article, describes the difference between the horribly real racism which has haunted modern history and the cynical exploitation of the killing of Trayvon Martin to make absurd accusations of racism against Republicans.  It is worth recounting how utterly racist the Democrat Party has been and how hostile to racism the Republican Party has been.  Republicans through Woodrow Wilson This difference began with the creation of the Republican Party on February 28, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin, when the party's explicit purpose was to oppose Democrat "Slaveocrats."  Two years later, when Fremont was the first Republican presidential nominee, his...(Read Full Article)