Race-Baiting in the Era of Obama

On my train ride to work this week, a black man sat near me.  He was listening to his music loud enough for anyone in the vicinity to hear.  As I pointed out to him that he dropped his ticket, I asked him if he would please turn his volume down since I was trying to work.  He refused, told me to move, and actually turned his music up.  As the conductor came by, I asked for assistance.  The music man started screaming irrationally that he had all sorts of rights, and then came the kicker.  "You're complaining because I'm black."  When the conductor walked away, the volume of the music went back up -- with a leer telling me to shut up, or else. Alas, racial tension in this country is not new.  What is new is having a president who, for political gain and selfish ideological reasons, is instigating a racial divide that has not been seen for decades.  In order to ignite a passion in his base, Obama is intentionally taking this country back to...(Read Full Article)