Obama Wins Close or Loses Big

President Barack Obama: narrow winner or big loser in November.  Presidential election history gives us indications that Mr. Obama either squeaks back into the White House or gets an undignified boot in the back of his designer trousers.  In modern presidential elections, only Jerry Ford lost his re-election bid narrowly.  Odds are, if Mr. Obama loses, it will probably be on the order of Hoover (1932) or Carter (1980).  If Mr. Obama wins, it's closer to George W. Bush's re-election in 2004.  But the conditions are dramatically different in the country from 2004, and not to Mr. Obama's advantage.    A narrow win by Mr. Obama would be thanks to bungling by Mitt Romney and the Republicans, because based on the president's record alone, Mr. Obama has richly earned a pink slip from voters. The Obama presidency is a big, fat failure, despite all the spin emanating from the White House, Democrat flaks, and the left's petting-zoo media.  Americans...(Read Full Article)