Multiculturalism in the Workplace

Recently, I participated in a "diversity and inclusion" program at my place of work.  Fear of retaliation for going against the philosophy of diversity keeps me from specifying where I work. Participating in the "white male affinity" group was not as obviously odious as I had feared; I had feared Soviet-style sessions where minorities harangued us to force a confession of our sins.  The reality was softer, yet much more frightening. While waiting I asked the facilitators some questions about the diversity inquiry group's set-up.   Ours was the "White Male Individuals" group.  Participants and facilitators alike fit this description. Facilitator Chris told me that ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, employment level and generational groups met in isolation.  But the bulk of the groups were always divided by ethnicity. Chris told me the goal of increasing openness led them to have everyone come from the same background. But by the end of the group, I...(Read Full Article)