Mitt Romney, Antihero

The presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney seems at first glance a lightening rod of un-enthusiasm, a man who is provocative for being unprovocative.   This is of course a media-created illusion.  In fact, Romney has the liberal media quaking in their boots.  The media's weapons are smirk and scorn, derision and ridicule. The left wants desperately to diminish Romney out of the fear that he will grow to become an even more formidable politician.  They seek to alienate him -- to make him into what is known in psychobabble as "the other."  This is the admitted strategy of the Obama campaign. Instead, Romney fits a paternalist archetype at a time when the country seriously needs a dad at the wheel.  Think Don Draper without the sinister plot lines.  This is why Romney is feared. Professional critics always seem to parse their words. They cannot whole-heartedly embrace anything or anyone without caveats.  Let's jettison that approach: Why not...(Read Full Article)