Medildos: The Media and the Zimmerman-Martin Case

My first teaching job was in the English Department at Northwestern.  The university was home to the Medill School of Journalism, which considered itself, and maybe still does, the nation's premier j-school.  It had just launched an undergraduate major.  These students were called by others "medildos."  Maybe they gave themselves the name. Few of my colleagues were happy to see the medildos in their classes.  The afterglow of Watergate still hadn't faded, and most medildos fancied themselves crusaders for Truth, Justice, and the Anti-Amerikan Way.  They were quick to see conspiracies, reluctant to slog through the texts.  They had opinions, but they didn't always have the facts. Of course there were exceptions, and when I got to know them, I'd try to persuade the budding Woodwards and Bernsteins to major in a discipline that had some content, so they'd learn something about the world and about the methodologies of the discipline. A typical medildo...(Read Full Article)