Light of Liberty Less than Flattering to Progressivism

Photodegradation is a chemical process by which certain materials -- Vitamin C and some plastics for example -- deteriorate when exposed to light.  Recently, while conducting a kind of experiment of my own, I discovered another material that is highly photodegradable: progressivism. I have been producing a documentary film series about conservative talk radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (you can see parts one through four at  The documentary consists of interviews with local conservative talk show hosts as well as some of the area's most prominent critics of the format. I call it Liberty or Lies?  As the title suggests, it is an attempt to answer the question of whether conservative talk radio in Milwaukee -- or anywhere else -- is a legitimate expression and advocacy of American liberty, or just a bunch of hateful, racist lies.  I am a conservative and a fan of conservative talk radio and have always believed the latter criticism to be...(Read Full Article)