The Obama machine has been portrayed as a campaign juggernaut, essentially unstoppable, headed by the smartest president  (In Obama's estimation, at least in the top four) ever anointed and run by the cleverest and most ruthless backroom in the history of U.S. politics.  Obama, Axelrod, and Plouffe, we are told, really know their stuff.  So much so, that many in the media wonder why Romney, presuming he wins the GOP nomination, would even show up in the fall contest. Axelrod's strategy of targeting identifiable voter groups and then scaring these groups into the Obama camp by creating Republican bogeymen is celebrated on most Sunday talk shows as political genius.  Poll after poll is trotted out to show Axelrod's efficacy when it comes to getting his guy back in the Oval Office.  The latest carefully crafted tactic, so clever that it could have been hatched only in Axelrod's war room, the "Republican War on Women," was so well-thought out and executed that we...(Read Full Article)