Imperial Presidency Redux

Words and phrases have meaning.  While painfully obvious, we are right to reconsider the simple importance of this fact.  The late Edwin Newman, noted grammarian and news correspondent, often warned of the devolution of the English language, especially in its Americanized form.  His warning was meant to cover not merely the etymological, but also the political and cultural.  A language that becomes too malleable, too informal to preserve definitions and distinctiveness can become a tool for cultural decay and political mischief.  Such is the concern over Barack Obama's recent chastisement of the United States Supreme Court in the aftermath of oral arguments before the court regarding the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act (PPACA), popularized as "ObamaCare." While I cannot attest to current levels of instruction in American government in public schools today, I can speak with some authority over what I learned as a high school...(Read Full Article)