Free Men

(Free Men, A film directed by Ismael Ferroukhi) The plot of this French film diverges from the bolus of most American film we are force-fed in that it deals powerfully with subject matter that counts.  It treats an almost unrecognized aspect of WWII in Europe, eliciting a strong cathexis from the viewer, who learns so much that he never knew before this celluloid feast. It is almost, alas, a stealth offering; despite playing to enthusiastic audiences in New York, Free Men has gotten hardly any press at all and little review coverage, though it seems -- only early April -- to be one of the year's best, along with the wonderful Intouchables, another French offering with high marks for engrossing plot, cast, and telling.  The principals in Free Men are outstanding, with one, playing the Imam of the Paris mosque under the Vichy French, once the storied lead in Fred Zinnemann's Day Of The Jackal (1973). The protagonist, handsome French Algerian Younes (the excellent, comfortably...(Read Full Article)