Editgate, Spittlegate, and the Left's 'Race-Gating' Tradition

The phrase "Editgate" established itself virtually overnight.  It fit so well.  This useful compound merges "edit," in reference to NBC's incendiary editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call, and "gate," the catch-all suffix used to describe a corrupt mess of deception and obfuscation. Already "Editgate" is being used more expansively to include other distortions in the Trayvon Martin case, including ABC's compression of the police videotape to obscure Zimmerman's head wound and CNN's absurdly imaginative translation of the Zimmerman word "cold" into the nearly archaic "coons."  Together, these three deceptions -- and there will be more -- have established Editgate as the most consequential high-level fraud in the left's long history of what might be called "race-gating."  By this, I mean the purposeful media corruption of a racially oriented story. The media's willingness to lie for the cause should shock no one to the right of Bill Ayers.  What is particularly...(Read Full Article)