Disregard The Markets: Obama Knows What's Best For Us

President Barack Hussein Obama said of the automobile industry bailout in Cannon Falls, MN, in August, 2011, "If we're going to help you, then you've got to change your ways." Is that chutzpah and hubris, or what?  Obama continued, "You can't just make money on SUVs and trucks.  There is a place for SUVs and trucks, but as gas prices keep on going up, you have got to understand the market."  He said that while answering the first question he received. And this from a US president who hands his own $7,500 electric-car subsidy (he proposed increasing it to $10,000) to America's upper class and wastes national resources to buy expensive electric cars for his government minions.  Obama was the one who bailed out General Motors (GM) to the tune of $49.5 billion.  And it was GM that gave us the Chevy Volt that sold wildly (1,626 vehicles in January and February, 2012, 2,289 in March, 2012), and that Obama so highly praised. Now Obama is trying to regulate the oil...(Read Full Article)