Dehumanization and the Ultimate Combat Photo

As an avid bow hunter, I can't think of anything quite like watching that twelve-point buck aimlessly walk into the kill zone.  I take that one deep breath, calming myself, before I release the arrow. Never would I think of that buck sleeping with its doe, snuggling nearby babies in the pasture during the late hours.  No, I am a hunter.  Those thoughts must be totally cleared from my head in order to make the kill as quick and painless as possible. I cannot think about that buck's love life because if I did, it would simply be too difficult to execute my mission.  I am the predator.  As a predator, I often take photographs of my kill, for it is my prized possession.  Some anti-hunting critics would say I am crazy for my passion for the hunt.  Others can easily relate to my passion for getting that annual prized kill.  Only those who actually hunt could ever understand. Hunting an animal has similarities to hunting America's enemies.  The...(Read Full Article)