Critique of (Im-)Pure Conservative Labels

Stupid Republicans are suckered every day into parroting leftist propaganda words, right?  But we conservatives, we're too wily to fall for such leftist chicanery; we see right through their verbal malefactions every time. Not.  Hate to break it to you, fellow conservatives: more often than we'd like to admit, conservatives are vortexed by leftist labels.  Whenever that happens, we help them to confer on their maldefined  misnomers a perennial place in the all-American vocabulary. In what follows, I will identify a few of the most egregious leftist verbal booby traps.  I will also suggest a simple remedy that can "out" them in public for the shenanigans they are and dispatch them beyond the pale of acceptable American rhetoric. Pro-choice: This label, used almost universally by conservatives, goes down with one knockout punch: a choice to do evil is never a morally legitimate choice.  Stick to "pro-abortion" because it's a truthful label no matter how...(Read Full Article)