Climate Change, Act Three

Once upon a time, it was the contention of global warming alarmists that the earth was getting warmer -- a lot warmer.  Now, after decades of such claims, the evidence points to a world that is, for the present at least, growing colder.  When that fact became evident, alarmists shifted the ground of their argument.  The earth's climate was not necessarily getting warmer; it was just "changing," and that was somehow a bad thing.  No matter that the climate had been changing for more than four billion years, ever since the earth's formation. Not to be deterred, climate alarmists insist that the climate is changing in new ways -- for example, in the "extreme weather" that has purportedly struck the U.S. since 2005.  Focusing on Hurricane Katrina in that year and an outbreak of deadly tornadoes in 2011, alarmists contend that the weather is becoming more extreme and that climate change is the cause. The facts undercut this claim.  Only one hurricane has made...(Read Full Article)