Whoa, Rick Santelli, on Term Limits!

Rick Santelli, CNBC business reporter, should be considered the "Father of the TEA Party."  His impassioned plea in 2009, on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, gave birth to the TEA Party movement.  It was "the rant heard 'round the world." Rick Santelli was right then about Big Government and especially about the false premises of the Obama administration's economic policies.  He reminded us all that Castro's Cuba tried socializing the economy, and now they're all driving 1954 Chevies...if they drive at all. I applaud Rick's keen observations on business, and I salute what he's done in his career as crusading journalist. Tragically, the American public education system fails to teach the core principles of economics to millions of students.  American kids continue to be taught that government provides jobs and incomes. But when Rick Santelli spoke with Sean Hannity on his radio talk show recently, Rick verged into an area not entirely within his...(Read Full Article)