Who Is the Leader of the Free World?

Two heads of state delivered speeches last week in Washington, D.C. They spoke from the same podium on consecutive days. The subject was the right of a sovereign nation to defend itself from a country run by radical Islamic fundamentalists that may soon possess nuclear weapons and has vowed to use them against its sworn enemy in order to eliminate it from the face of the earth. One of the speakers spoke in a manner befitting Neville Chamberlain in the British parliament in the 1930s. While hinting at consequences for Iran, he emphasized a continuation of sanctions that may or may not be afflicting the Iranian economy, but are most assuredly not halting its nuclear ambitions. He chastised what he called "loose talk of war," though, as if often the case with this particular speaker, he seemed to affix the blame to such bellicosity to the exact wrong party. During the same speech, in an astonishing display of flippancy, he claimed to "have" the threatened country's "back" "when the chips...(Read Full Article)