The Warning From Toulouse

There are no words which can describe or justify on any kind of human level what Mohammed Merah did in Toulouse, France earlier this week. None. Merah is the Islamic Jihadist who murdered three French soldiers, a Rabbi and three Jewish children in cold blood. Words like inhuman, barbaric, sick, evil, demented, delusional, deranged, psychopathic and horrific all come to mind but they and others like them cannot begin to provide a picture of just how monstrous the murders really were in human terms and it is useless to try and do so. Suffice it to say that any decent human being would be mortified by the murders and that anyone who isn't mortified or who tries to justify or rationalize them is not a decent human being, is racist and anti-Semitic and most definitely needs to have his or her head examined. This person is also most likely either an Islamist (a follower of Islam) or an apologist for Islam. One other word comes to mind too. That word is warning. Merah acted in...(Read Full Article)