The Values of Pericles

Pericles is the name I've given the red-tailed hawk we see circling over the empty field behind our house.  In Pericles' natural state, his actions are based on what enhances his own life.  In Pericles' value system, it is good to be for himself.  Were hawks, or any other creature, not for themselves, they would already be extinct. The left cringe at the idea of humans using Pericles' values, dismissing any who do with emotional labels like "selfish," "unfeeling," "lacking compassion," and even "immoral." Clearly not fond of Pericles' values, President Obama, in recent campaign speeches, has criticized the opposition: And their philosophy, what there is of it, seems to be pretty simple: We're better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves, and everybody can play by their own rules. Evidently, 34,000 pages of federal regulations is not enough to prevent everybody from "playing by their own rules."  Since I don't know anyone playing by his own rules, the...(Read Full Article)