The Source of American Military Power

Our world is dangerous.  China, a corrupt and chauvinistic one-party Communist regime, is becoming an economic superpower.  Russia is drifting toward authoritarian imperialism, with a jealous eye towards those Soviet Socialist Republics lost when the USSR disintegrated.  Radical Islam is still simmering throughout the Indian Ocean basin, and the democratization of this irrational and angry sentiment does not make it safer for the peaceful West.  Except for America and Israel, none of the free nations takes national defense very seriously. The supercilious "deal" made between Obama and Republicans to reduce the deficit includes some automatic cuts in national defense.  Many Americans, like Rick Santorum in this recent article, worry that these cuts will endanger us.  There are excellent reasons for not penny-pinching when it comes to national defense.  Peace is always cheaper than war, and wars come when aggressive nations believe that they are more...(Read Full Article)