The Optics of Obama's Failures

People are starting to worry that President Obama might be wobbling on his visionary "all of the above" program to bring on the green energy millennium, what with $5.00 gas in the Northeast states.  But don't worry.  Even though the administration will be changing its "optics" on energy by featuring the president reading his TelePrompTer in front of oil wells, the president is still on course, according to an Obama official. In the coming days and weeks, the official said, Obama will continue a constant drumbeat where he touts his strategy -- including his push for green energy -- while  responding to false attacks on issues about his record on domestic energy production. But on the "optics" side of things: "They probably need to be a little clearer in showing that [Obama] does support domestic production," said David Meadvin, a Democratic strategist. There is nothing quite like standing in front of an oil well to show how much you support domestic oil production,...(Read Full Article)