The Iranian Threat Is Clear and Present, Not Obscure and Distant

Fear evokes erratic responses from Westerners.  If, for example, one is to argue based on loose and contentious evidence that the proliferation of an innate gaseous compound will cause the sea levels to rise and the earth to scorch at some obscure date in the distant future, fear is invoked to warrant the steepest international measures to alleviate the potential threat, however unsubstantiated.   If, on the other hand, a dictator believes that his divinely ordained objective is to destroy another nation while routinely reaffirming his pressing dedication to this undertaking, and there is nearly unanimous agreement that his nation is seeking nuclear weapons to potentially achieve those ends, fear is decried as an irrational and an unnecessary addition to the international discourse. The latter is the position taken by many Westerners voicing their opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu's recent pronouncement that Israel may consider a unilateral strike against subversive...(Read Full Article)