The HHS Mandate and School Prayer

For the last 50 years liberals have informed us that merely requiring someone to be in the same public setting as a prayer is an unconstitutional infringement on their First Amendment rights. Even if individuals are not required to participate in the prayer, or even avoid mocking the prayer, and though there is no punishment for not praying liberals declare that the experience would be too odious for sensitive beings to endure. These same liberals however have no problem with requiring people of faith to not merely witness but to actually facilitate activities religious Americans find to be immoral. The Catholic Church, counting over a billion adherents worldwide, has taught for 2000 years that artificial contraception and abortion are intrinsically immoral. Yet liberals inform Catholic businesses that they must provide health insurance that covers artificial contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions.  No tolerance there. Could you imagine the uproar if anyone...(Read Full Article)