The GOP and the Upscale Vote

Good news!  The upscale vote is moving towards Mitt Romney, according to Michael Barone.  Says he: One constant factor in the 14 contests with exit polls is that Mitt Romney has tended to run best among high-income and high-education voters. This is a good thing, apparently, because in the 2000s the upscale chaps went for Democrats, as "affluent suburbanites, especially women, were repelled by Republicans' stands on cultural issues like abortion."  The suburbanites around  Philadelphia, for instance, went 57 percent for Barack Obama in 2008. Charles Murray in Coming Apart asks another question.  Where was the upscale voter as the sturdy working class in the United States was ripped apart and transformed into the unmarried, non-working, single-parent underclass? Things are going nicely among the top 20 percent of Americans, according to Murray.  They work hard, get married, have children, and don't get divorced.  They live, you might say, an ideal...(Read Full Article)