The Bell Tolls for Breitbart

The untimely death of the conservative media genius, Andrew Breitbart, came during a week where the lesson he taught us about media manipulation of the voters in support of leftwing Democratic goals was yet again manifest. William Jacobson set out perfectly the danger of a second Obama term in office: The threat of an Obama unrestrained by the need to be reelected is a theme I've hit on repeatedly with regard to Israel. There is no doubt that but for the need to keep Jewish votes and money coming, Obama would have lowered the hammer on Israel even more than he has. Obama will force his vision of a settlement on Israel in a second term. Domestically, Obama has shown a willingness to use the power of his presidency to force deals (e.g. auto bailout) which extinguish or diminish property rights, direct government funds to companies run by campaign donors, slow walk compliance with judicial orders (the Gulf drilling ban), direct stimulus funds as de facto public sector employee union...(Read Full Article)