The Awful Parallel

Winston Churchill wrote a memoir about World War 2 , the personalities, circumstances and events leading to the outbreak of the war.  His review of these events in "The Gathering Storm" begins after the end of World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles, under which the Allies and the League of Nations forced draconian war debt reparations on Germany. The post-war naivety of the victorious Allies with respect to their place in the world and their responsibility to maintain the peace, as history shows, resulted in a downward spiral of denial and political pandering, both domestically and on foreign policy matters that would lead, inexorably to another war. Tired of war and looking for a "peace dividend" the Allies began in the early 1920's to disarm, decommission navies and armies and ignore weapons development and preparedness for war.  In the meantime the onerous conditions placed on the German economy as punishment for war ruined Germany's economy and national...(Read Full Article)