Tale of Two Enemies Lists

Howls of protests erupted in 1973 news media when it was revealed that President Nixon aides Charles ("Chuck") Colson and John Dean had assembled an "enemies list" of persons they'd like to "take down," to besmirch or otherwise trash. It was the stuff of front page news, and led nearly every network's newscast. Today that tawdry practice carries a euphemistic covering name, lending it a smidgen of respectability. It is called "opposition research." One sullen purpose is to pinpoint ideological foes, such as in the recent case of Media Matters, a hard-edged, well-financed left-liberal -- whoops, make that "progressive" -- website, making up its own enemies list.  Outside the conservative blogosphere and Fox News, the story has received little publicity. Fully tax-exempt, like ACORN, Media Matters (MM) put together a list of President Obama's presumed enemies and furthermore, suggested ways to smear or harass them. The organization was in regular communication with the Obama White...(Read Full Article)