Sarah Palin and Zev Jabotinsky, The Odd Soulmates

Stop laughing and bear with me a moment. For those not familiar, Zev Jabotinsky  (1880 to 1940) was recognized as the greatest orator of his era who led the fight for Jewish national liberation. We often read that either you love Palin or you hate her. Similarly, Shmuel Katz, in The Lone Wolf, his biography of Jabotinsky, said of him "he was both the best beloved and the most maligned Jewish leader of his time". Palin who is constantly being maligned, can relate. The common denominator for both of them is that they both took on the permanent political class, the establishment or the intellectual elite, however you refer to them.  They took the battle of ideas to them in defiance of conventional wisdom or political correctness.  In many ways they were both "lone wolves."  In Palin's case, perhaps a mama grizzly. In both cases, this political class stood for progressivism, universalism and collectivism.  In opposition, they both stood for individualism,...(Read Full Article)