Santorum Has No Credible Path to the Nomination. But...

One can pretty much write the headlines for Wednesday in advance.  Super Tuesday's results will be mixed.  Mitt Romney will win the most delegates -- buoyed by races in his home state of Massachusetts and a Virginia contest where his only opponent is Ron Paul.  Santorum may well win more states than Governor Romney but come out of the day trailing by the better part of one hundred and fifty delegates.  Newt Gingrich will win his home state of Georgia and not much else.  Ron Paul will continue to accumulate a trickle of delegates.  When the dust settles, Rick Santorum is going to face a difficult reality: as things will stand after Super Tuesday, he will have no credible path to win the Republican nomination for president.  He will, however -- if he is blessed with both skill and luck in the coming months -- have a path whereby he can force a contested convention.  Whether this is worth the risks to the Republican Party that that will entail is...(Read Full Article)