Regulations Govern Our Lives - Then Send Us The Bill

Richard Terrell's cartoon (more a picture of reality) on March 25, 2012 about the maze of regulations thrown up by the Departments of Interior (DOI) and Energy (DOE), as well as by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), really describes the country in which we currently live. Congress passes the laws that govern the U.S., but Congress has also authorized the EPA and other federal agencies to help put the laws into effect by creating and enforcing regulations.  The list of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is quite long, encompassing every subject from infants to the aged, from drug abuse to health care.  In this list are DOI, DOE, and EPA regulations. Since we do not have space here (nor the inclination) to list all federal regulations, let's focus on one federal agency featured in Terrell's cartoon: the EPA.  The EPA has literally thousands of regulations, so in the interest of brevity, let's focus upon one example: the regulation, to which Terrell alludes, on...(Read Full Article)